A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Fallen God is a Single-Player-Hack&Slay Side-Scroller for Windows and Mac created by students of SAE Vienna.

We don't have an ingame leaderboard but we know that you want to know who is the best so just post your highscores here!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and listen to our awesome soundtrack on Soundcloud!


Philipp Hafellner, philhaf@hotmail.de, Artstation, Youtube

Jakob Lindner, jakob123lindner@gmail.com

Simone Müller, simsi.mueller@gmx.at, Artstation, Vimeo

Jacqueline Reiter, j.reiter@live.at

Jessica Stoimaier, j.stoimaier@outlook.com

Soundtrack by:

Felix Kirsch, office.audio35@gmail.com, Soundcloud, Facebook

Alex F. Römich, spinebo@gmail.com, Soundcloud

It's a student project - so don't except an AAA title - give us feedback - send us a PN - contact us on Facebook - we are happy for every kind of feedback to improve the project!


FallenGod_win_1.1.0.zip 183 MB
mac_build.app.zip 202 MB

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